nmgirl98 (nmgirl98) wrote in bad_service,

Dear Worker ~ You just hit on my BIGGEST pet peeve:  Ignoring me and speaking to the customer in back of me/in another line...in spanish.  I'm your current customer.  Deal with me for the 20 seconds I'll be in your world.  When you're done, then you can blab all you want.  And DO NOT give me an evil eye when I interupt your precious conversation to ask you for my change in a certain way.  Seriously, one 10 and two 5's is not much of a brainstrain.  Sincerely, Me

PS:  Don't assume that just because I'm the ultimate white girl that I don't speak or understand spanish.  Wouldn't have you just completely freaked out if I'd thrown a little espanol back at you as you were talking about me.

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