Quill (mnemsyne) wrote in bad_service,

I went through the HEB's customer service line where you buy stamps and concert tickets and stuff because I had a $75 Coinstar cash voucher and didn't want to screw up the cashier's register. So I ask about a sign they have about donating two dollars to the food bank or something like that and getting a wristband. So I ask her "what's that about?" And she says "You just donate two dollars and get a wristband or something" all fast and flippant, like she doesn't care at all. I was put off by her attitude. I would rather she point out how I can do this, since I already read the sign.

It was a minor annoyance, but the first bad service I've ever gotten at that HEB.

(HEB is a grocery store in Texas, for those outside of this state.)

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