Elizabeth Ashbury (x_lysistrata_x) wrote in bad_service,
Elizabeth Ashbury

I work for a well-known coffee chain I shall call "StellarCash". I began at one store, (we'll call it Store 1) and later transferred to Store 2 to help the newbies learn and such. At Store 2 was a barista we shall call Zoe (nowhere NEAR her real name, I protect anonymity). Zoe had a bit of an attitude at first and seemed to think she was better than everybody.

After a while, Zoe calms down and warms up to everyone. Then she gets promoted to shift manager. Power goes to Zoe's head. Her attitude before? Pales in comparison to now. Her attitude toward the customers? Horrible. When she should be a beacon of customer service, she has more fun being snooty and bossing around her coworkers.

Now, Store 2 had a 'cup labeling' system. The order is entered into your register computer, then a screen prompts you type the customer's name. There is a small printer by the espresso bar that prints out a sticker with the size and name of the drink and all it's modifications AND the customer's name. There is also a screen by the espresso bar that keeps track of the drinks. It too shows the customer's name.

I guess Zoe was feeling extra bitchy because she types in "Ugly Fucking Customer". Yes, she did! Now, I forgot to mention above that not only does the name show up on the screen for the barista to see AND the label on the cup, but also on the customer's receipt! So said customer sees this of course and calls Store 2 asking for not the shift manager, not the store manager, not even the DISTRICT manager...the REGIONAL manager. Oh yes, ready to go to corporate as she should be! Needless to say, today was Zoe's last day. I can't say I feel sorry for her either, in fact, I believe she deserved it.

Just thought I would share a little bit of Bad Service that occured in my line of work among one of my colleagues.
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