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Bad service is...

You get a cashier who decides to pack pretty much everything into one bag - glass, fragile and heavy items. You get home, thinking she packed your fragile in with fragile items, only to discover that a $5 bottle of BLUE mouthwash has a HUGE crack in the bottle and has leaked all over your box of crackers and bread. The bread is squished, the bottle is broken and the cracker box is soaked - thankfully crackers are fine, just not the box. What's even better is the receipt for the items (along with items in other bags) is in the SAME bag!!!

So I take the items back to the store and the guy gives me a hassle saying that they can't refund or exchange items from the pharmacy area! WTF? How was it my fault that the bottle broke? The woman mis-packed the bags and ruined not just the mouthwash but the bread. Thankfully the bread can be used in a bread pudding but still. What a pain to return only to be told that I'm SOL in returning it because anything from the pharmacy area isn't allowed to be returned or exchanged.
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