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First post!

Hello, hello. -wavewave-
Got accepted last night, so here's a suck to start me off with.(I might screw up on the LJ Cut, so tell me if I do.)

The Setting:
Island Inkjet, a new-ish little ink cartridge refill kiosk at the nearest mall to us.

The Cast:
M: -wave-
D: The paternal unit
J: The "lady" providing the bad service

We arrive at Island Inkjet, which is little more than a small cubby on wheels. Ink bottles in various degrees of fullness are strewn about. J is messing about in a corner. My wonderfully naive father ignores the general unprofessional look of the place and approaches.

D: -holds up ink cartridge- We'd like to get this refilled, please.
J: -looks up- Well, I can get you a new one for just ten bucks.
D: ...yes, but we've already got o--
J: -rings up a cartridge- -points to the total and starts to walk away-
D: We don't need to buy a new one. I already have one that I would like to have refilled. (This is about as close to bitchy as my father gets.)
J: -glares- Well, what'd I do all of this for, then? -pulls out the manual for the cash register, glances at it, and cancels out what she just did-

This is when we start to think something's amiss here. Little do we know...

J: -takes the ink cartridge and proceeds to start refilling it-
M: How long will this take?
J: Ten minutes or so. You can walk around and come back when I'm done.
D: That's okay. We'll stay here.
J: ...I'm not going to screw it up, if that's why you want to watch.
Us: O.o;;

Around fifteen minutes later...

J: Here's your cartridge. -stuffs it into a little bag and slaps it on the counter-
D: -pulls out his credit card-
J: I need to see your ID.
D: -presents his license-
J: -scans said card, then holds it out-
D: -starts to take it-
J: You can't have that yet. -eyeroll-

While my dad tries to restrain himself, the employee of the month messes something up on the register. She pulls out the manual, with no luck, then picks up the phone and dials her boss.
The next thing to fall from her lips is...

J: Yeah, hi. It's me again.

1) If this woman's going to address her boss this way, she'll probably have this job for about a week.
2) "Again"? Exactly how stupid does she want us to think she is?

Finally, it all gets sorted out, she makes some small attempt to be the model employee, and we bugger off as fast as we can.

Never been back there since. -twitch-

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