kristin (layered) wrote in bad_service,

Another cab ride tale of horror! I pretty much take a cab once or twice a week, if I have a class that finishes after dark because I don't like to walk home (it's about a mile and a half) alone at night.

This one is a different cab company from last week; I had my mother call (I realized, after calling her, that I was running low on change) and she phoned a different company from usual.

First, the cab driver pulled not one, but TWO u-turns in my line of sight alone. Apparently there'd been two calls from the college going to the same part of town, so they'd double up. Fine by me. Except they pulled a u-turn to get to the other side of the road, where the other people who'd called were, and then another u-turn to get to me.

Questionable driving aside, I got into the cab. Cab driver's on the walkie-talkie, says "The other call was a bunch of yo's. Too many of them, they had a group of four and I've already got one person in the cab." Okay - I wondered about the 'yo' thing, but figured it might've been cabbie slang.

Driver starts talking to me, explains that "'Yo' is what we call those guys. You know, 'yo, yo, yo'." See, the guys had been black, sort of urban-dressed guys. I was quite aghast.

"The way those guys dress... I'm glad when they have their hoods up like that, though. They're UGLY bastards."

... yes. Because THAT is a beacon of professionalism right there.

And then he got on his cell phone! Swore at the person he was talking to! Was he related to the guy from last week?!

What the heeeellllll. Is it so much to ask not to be offended on my way home, thanks?

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