_otravez (_otravez) wrote in bad_service,

bad_service is my mechanic.

The details:

I am 19, and have a low paying job.
My boyfriend is 20 and has a low paying job.
I have a 92 Honda Civic that badly need repairs.

With the lack of money, I went to craigslist and got a mobile mechanic because my car did not run.

I picked a guy that seemed well qualified, that seemed nice, and seemed like a guy I could trust.

Throughout a month my mobile mechanic replaced the radiator fan motor, the break master cylinder, valve cover gasket seal and spark plugs.

On the side, my brother replaced my radiator and my boyfriend's grandpa put in a new battery today.

About a week ago I had this mobile mechanic come out to my house. It would be 75 dollars. 25 dollars for the service call and 50 dollars for a diagnostic. Meaning, he was going to come out to my house and find out everything that was wrong with my car.

He came out, told me my break master cylinder needed to be replaced and that my battery was leaking.
So, 75 more dollars later he's replaced the B.M.C. and I go to Kragen Auto Parts to get my new battery [it was under warranty].

Two days later, my car doesn't run. I paid this guy 75 dollars and all he told me was that my B.M.C had to be replaced. I asked him repeatedly if anything else was wrong with the car. I told him that my check engine light had come on after I drove my car 5 or 10 miles and that it stalled twice. I restarted it easily, but I'm afraid to drive it.

My boyfriend's grandpa thinks it has something to do with the fuel injection. It isn't the battery or alternator...

I ask the current mechanic how much he will charge me to look at it again, because apparently he couldn't see anything wrong with it the first time he checked out my car. He says, "75 dollars". I told him I paid him to do a diagnostic on my car already.

Basically, he drove to my dad's house, looked under the hood for a few minutes and picked something. He really seems to be incompetent. He doesn't even act like he knows what he is doing. He guesses.

So I go on craiglist, where I found the original mechanic. I write a rather angry post saying, "I need a mechanic who knows what he is doing and won't just charge me a price he'll pull out of his ass because he thinks I'm stupid and will just go along with it".

A few minutes later I get a pissed off call from the O.M. [original mechanic] saying, "Yeah I need to talk to you about your post on craigslist now. Call me back".

I email him saying, "I got your call. You shouldn't be worried about that post because I didn't name names and I won't." I basically said that he shouldn't worry because I just decided to go with a new mechanic.

So now I am in the process of finding a new mechanic who will be able to fix my car, and I've got an old mechanic who thinks he was justified in not doing his job.

Am I in the wrong for thinking if I paid him 75 dollars that he should have run adequate tests and found out everything wrong with my car? I basically paid him 75 dollars for him to come look under my hood for a few minutes and guess where the leak was coming from. Now my car doesn't run at all, I had to take a day off of work just to get it in order, and I'm going to have to borrow rides from random people so I can keep my job.
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