arcangelmadder (arcangelmadder) wrote in bad_service,

AppleBees!!! RED LOBSTER!!! ARGH!!!

I told you I have gotten a lot of bad service since moving here.

I went to the AppleBees on wetmore with my boyfriend as a kind of end of the day eating. We sat down at a table next to a very ancient man that looked about 90 and his care giver. Our waitress was very nice and took our order. We got the Nachos, a cheeseburger dinner and a seafoody type dinner. She dropped of our drinks off. We didn't see her again for 30 minutes. As a matter of fact, we didn't see any servers for half an hour or more. We certainly HEARD them laughing and talking in the kitchen. Once we got our food, it was cold. I don't know who likes cold seafood, but I don't. Halfway through sitting there staring at our cold food, I remembered the Nachos. I asked someone passing by and they said they would tell our server to take it off our ticket. Yeah, Thanks. I didn't want them anyway I guess. The old guy next to us drank all his rootbeer and wanted some more to go with his food. Queue NO ONE. His care giver had to take his rootbeer and request the bar tender to refill it. We sat again for 15 minutes before another server walked by us. That was it. I asked for the manager of the store. He came out and talked to both the tables. He gave us half off of our ticket but not half off the other guy's ticket. I didn't understand why. I told him that the server was talking to the other servers the entire time and refilled no one's drink. His excuse "Oh, we are training people right now, it's really hard." First of all, she is a vetren worker. I shadowed her when I applied for a job 6 months ealier. (I spent two hours at that resturant shadowing and learning the job and they didn't HIRE me, I'm sure that's illegal somehow). Second of all, she wasn't training anyone. There was no one following her around, although maybe their should be so half her work actually gets done! The old man and his companion left without putting a tip on the table. I put 16 cents right on the edge of the table so everyone could see when they walked by. The resturant wasn't busy either since it was about 3 in the afternoon.

My friend at work told me she was going to get some AppleBees one day with a few people, but I declined to go becuase once I get bad service from somewhere I don't go anymore. I told her what happened and she kind of laughed it off. When she got back she told me about how she got her meal for FREE becuase of how they were treated and becuase their order took 40 minutes, leaving no time for them to eat. There was also the fact that every single order was wrong. They weren't a party of 10 they were a party of 4-5. They didn't get any refills and the waitress was never around. I decribed the waitress I had, and she said "OMG, that's the waitress I got!" Apparently Applebees doesn't actually solve problems, they just let them continue.

Red Lobster did the same thing to us. The server served us our food and that was it. I think the reason behind our crappy treatment is how we dress. At the time, we didn't have a lot of new clothes becuase we had recently moved to the area from IL, so all we had were wintery clothes. I admit, we were kind of scuzzy looking at that point. We rarely go out to eat, but when we do, I have left 10 dollar tips on less than a 50 dollar meal before. I think it's very unfair that becuase I can't dress up to go somewhere like Applebees, which isn't fancy at all, I shouldn't be treated like I have been.

The most I've left is 15.00 at the olive garden becuase the witress stopped by every 10 minutes, offered some great food options (and was even honest about ones that weren't worth their cost) and gave us three servigs of breadsticks to take home. That trend completely ended once I arrived in Tucson.
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