sweetbums (sweetbums) wrote in bad_service,

Credit cards=evil

So, I opened a new credit card recently to build my credit history through HSBC. I got my first statement today and I looked at the due date (I'm really vigilant about paying those things on time etc). It said it was due on the 16th. I just so happened to get my Capital One statement at the same time today and the bill was due the 25th. I called HSBC and asked them what the deal was and the guy "assured" me that the due date was the 21st, not the 16th. He went on to say that they had a policy of a 25 day grace period (as my credit card terms had stated) and that he promised me that they weren't trying to trick me. His explanation? They were trying to "help" me in case mail was slow during the holiday weekend. Interesting, I said, I pay online and I can't imagine that changing the due date in your favor is helping me. Seriously, credit card companies are EVIL.
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