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Summary: Don't order from

Total recap here. I originally placed my order on 7th July for a Bosch that was listed as available now, and paid for express shipping (3-5 days) so we would have it by the 14th at the latest.

On 11th July I received an email stating there would be a week's delay. Yep. Well, that happens sometimes; they can't help it.

I therefore waited, and finally emailed on 22nd July to find out WHERE it was (you know: had it left yet, was it en route, that sort of thing), as I had heard nothing. 24th July, a sales representative named David called and said my washer had been recently discontinued and was no longer available. He offered me the option of upgrading to the next model. I agreed, reluctantly, and paid the $40 price difference, and expected to receive the washer within 5 working days. Silly me.

On 25th July my credit card was billed for the washer (I know because the CC company called to verify the charge) and I received 2 automated emails confirming the new washer's details and "approving" my order for shipping. (This didn't mean much, as I had received a previous email on 13th July regarding the original order.)

On 31st July, I finally called again. I was in queue for over 40 mins, and irritatingly got bumped back into the queue *8* times. Once someone answered saying only "NYLiving"and then put me into the queue again. 20 mins later someone else answered and AGAIN I was put back into a queue. This did not improve my mood much.

Finally someone answered, checked into it for me and said there appeared to have been some confusion with the warehouse but that it would be going out tomorrow. I was very polite and did not yell or argue, despite increasing temptation.

It did not ship the next day. In fact, it didn't ship for another 2 days, making a total mockery of the express delivery I paid extra to receive. I was most unhappy by this point. I've worked in customer service jobs all my life, and the primary rule is NEVER overpromise if you can't deliver. The corollary being, of course, that on the rare occasions when it does happen, always tell the customer immediately to keep him/her in the loop. (Actual shipping date: 2nd August.)

So by this point I was incredibly annoyed. I finally called again, queued AGAIN, and asked for a manager. There weren't any in. The CS rep said maybe he could help. He probably regretted it. I told him the entire story and said I wanted a total refund of the shipping charge ($137.90). I was, unfortunately, not my most composed and the conversation may have involved raised tones and some sharp words. Still no shouting though. I told him I felt this refund was reasonable as I had been waiting for almost a month since placing this order when I should have waited no more than a week. He said he was unable to authorize this refund and advised me to call back in an hour when a manager would be in, gave me his extension and told me the name of the guy to ask for.

So I called back an hour later and spoke to Mark. He agreed that the service was lacking, and said he could not excuse it. That was a good start. He could not offer me a full refund of the shipping as they had very tight margins, but would I accept 50%? I do understand that internet companies have small margins, so I agreed. He said the credit would be processed by the next day.

I kept checking my CC statement. No credit. TWO WEEKS LATER... I received an automated credit notice stating that $39.90 had been credited back to my card. WTH??? Very pissed now. Not only did they fail to keep me in the loop at all, forcing me to chase them at every stage, and didn't reply to emails through the website (no email address) but they didn't even give me the refund THEY OFFERED?

I emailed them today again through their web form:

"I am still waiting for a reply email from Customer Service regarding my last communication (through this web form). I cannot call in and wait 40+ minutes in queue (as has happened almost every time I called before). I would like a reply from Mark, the manager who approved my refund, by Wednesday AT THE LATEST."

I wasn't holding much hope for this reply, as the only time the phone was answered promptly was when I pressed the button for Sales/New Orders rather than Customer Service, and my previous email regarding my refund was completely ignored.

An hour later, I put in a complaint with the BBB.

2 hours later, I received a one-line email from... NYLiving.
"The balance of the credit will be processed by the middle of next week."

Really? Now, there's a coincidence. 2 emails are completely ignored with no response at all, but the day I send a complaint through BBB... I get a reply. Interesting...

I *will* be keeping an eye on the statement. Update will follow in due course.

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Posted with permission from my wife's LJ.

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