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Lol, I've gotten tons of bad service since moving to Tucson.

I will begin this story with the first thing that happened when I moved to this complex. I ordered a few decorating things online to be delivered USPS. I sat there waiting anxiously as I watched the packages get closer and closer to my house. One day, I went downstairs to check the mail and there was a little yellow slip telling me to pick up my packages at the post office. I went to my manager and asked her why she didn't accept the packages. The answer I got?

"What packages?"

I explained the situation and she told me that she was going to talk to the mail lady to make sure she understood that she can leave packages in the office. Three days in a row I got the little yellow slips in my mail box. After talking with my manager again, she stated that she specifically told the mail lady the next day that she could leave packages with her. The mail lady refused. It took almost two weeks of talking to her to finally get her to leave a package in the office. Great!

A few months after moving here, my boyfriend quit his job at Wal Mart (the same one I posted about earlier) and was home all the time. We ordered a few things and expected a knock at our door. LOL! She won't knock on your door, ever. I've asked my manager to tell her to knock on my door if I was home and the day she had my package I saw her leaving the complex with it, no knock what so ever. I went up to her to get my package and she told me:

"I don't have time to go upstairs. If you don't get it it's going back."

Imagine the phrase coming out with a HUGE attitude attached to it. The thing that gets me is everyday she is down there talking to one of our residents long after all the mail is all put away. So she has time to talk to someone, but not give me my package. It wouldn't be such a big deal if it didn't take 2 hours to get to the post office by bus. If my manager isn't in to accept the package, it goes back to the post office. We, as in the whole complex, have written upwards of 20 letters to the main post office thing and nothing has happened. I called them and asked if the mail carrier had to knock on my door, they said yes. They took my complaint and promised to call back and didn't. This has happened three times.

Once she refused to deliver anyone's mail becuase there was some dog doo on the grass about three feet from the sidewalk. She stood outside our gate until someone finally cleaned it up. I'm not talking a huge amount, it might have even been cat doo. I can't imagine how she is at large complexes (This one has 20 units) when there is crap everywhere. Also, if you try to say something nice to her like "I'm sure you're liking this nice cool wheather" on cooler days, she will turn to you, roll her eyes, and tell you that she doesn't have time to talk to you.

We moved to a bigger apartment and did an address change for me over the internet. I couldn't do one for my boyfriend because he didn't have a debit card with the old/new address on it. He couldn't make it to the post office becuase he had to work, so we called the 800#. They kept telling us to do it online. All week we were getting little notes from the mail lady telling us to change our address. When I tried to talk to her she said "Just do it online like you did for you. I'm not forwarding his mail for him." We called the 800# one last time and someone told us that she has an address change form this whole time she was putting notes in our mailbox, some of them really rude, she had the address change form she could give us! When my boyfriend asked for it, she yelled at him something along the lines of it should've been done two weeks ago.


That's it for now. USPS is aware of her actions but refuses to do anything about it.
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