This is how I rock (cindy_ann) wrote in bad_service,
This is how I rock

my first "bad service"

when I was a senior in high school 3 friends (2 girls and a guy) and I went shopping in a rite aid before we went to a concert in the area. my friends and I at the time chose to wear baggy cargo pants, sweatshirts, spiked bracelets, and collars. while we were in the rite aid we were wondering around the isles some of us testing perfume, and reading the backs of movies and making fun of adult diapers (we were brats I'll admit that). when we headed over to the camera dept. to pick up a couple disposable ones for the show we heard "code 3 in aisle 6" come over the speaker. since we were the only people in the store I looked up to affirm that we were in aisle 6 and that we were the "code 3". when a rather cranky looking guy came over to us he asked if we were "planning to do a little shoplifting tonight?"
I replied that we were not and said we were just there to get a couple cameras. he said we couldn't look at them until we paid for the items he we knew we had stuffed in out pants. ok so maybe baggy cargo pants weren't a great option to wear to a store but that doesn't make us thieves. I said that was fine we'll just go.
He told us we were free to go ahead and look at the cameras though because he could "not let us leave until the police showed up". since when is it a crime to look at stuff and make fun of bladder issues. I said that there was no need and that it was time for us to go. I was so pissed as we headed for the door (my friend m practically frothing at the mouth) and was thinking of what I could do and that's when the police pulled up. I was in panic at first until my R.O.P. criminal justice teacher got out of the car and asked if the call was about me. I told him that it was about us and he said that we should be on our way and he would take care of it. the store clerk started yelling that deputy B. should be fired and he would have his badge for letting criminals go. He never told me what happened but I never had a problem in that store again.
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