Kiss my grits! (noelleleithe) wrote in bad_service,
Kiss my grits!

WTF? service

I ordered from Pizza Hut tonight, which I haven't done since I moved to this house (I usually get Domino's or something local). I called in and gave my order and everything just fine, but then the girl taking the order couldn't seem to find my address in their system. She double-checked my street name (Ninth) several times; I even spelled it out.

Finally she said, "Well, you're not in our system, so we don't deliver there." Um. I'd say that's unlikely. Yes, their location is technically in the next town over, but it's about 2 miles away, and the other two big pizza chains are in the same area, and I've never had a problem with either of those.

I expressed by disbelief (politely), so the girl offered to let me speak to the manager. When the manager came on, I told her the problem, and she asked for my address again, so I gave it. She found it in about two seconds. It turns out the first girl had been looking up OAK Avenue. Not Ninth Avenue, which she and I had repeated about eight or ten times during the original part of the call (including me spelling it out and saying "ninth, like the number 9," as I usually do). I have NO idea where she got Oak from. I had mentioned my neighborhood (Grove), which could sound somewhat similar to Oak, but she repeated that clearly, too, so she didn't seem to misunderstand it. I don't even know if there's an Oak Avenue in my town.

Of course, then I had to repeat all my information, including my order (which I'd nearly forgotten by that time!). Sigh. But at least I did get my pizza in a timely manner after all that.

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