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Bad Service from Glass Doctor

So the windows in the building at work need to be resealed because water has started seeping in at the bottoms. The VP told me to call Glass Doctor to get an estimate (since they advertise free estimates).

My parameters for an appointment are: Has to be on a weekday, and has to be between 8am-5pm. Otherwise, it's completely open.

So two weeks ago on Wednesday, I give them a call, and scheduled an appointment for Friday. They're happy about it, agree, get my information, and say they'll call me on Friday morning to give me a better idea about what time our tech will be there.

Friday morning, they call and the tech that was scheduled for our area has a family emergency. I'm understanding, so I reschedule for the following Wednesday. I get called on Wednesday afternoon, and they say they're running late, but he'll be there by 3. He showed up at 4:55. Not enough time to measure. He says they'll call us on Thursday to reschedule.

On Friday, I call them to reschedule. They can't find our information, but agree to call me back as soon as they find the ticket. Monday I call them back to reschedule again. They were due to come out yesterday, between 2:00-4:00. Guess what... they didn't show up again because 'the guy was sick'.

So now we've booked an appointment with a different glass company.

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