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Walmart & now taxi

I have a big thing with the Wal Mart on Wetmore in Tucson. I guess it all started when I moved here a year and a half ago. I went to wal mart to pick up some sewing supplies and was having trouble locating a few things. I approaced a worker to ask where things where. She had two sticker packs in her hand.

Me: Uhm, excuse me.
Woman:..... *Glares*
Me: I was just wondering where such and such is.
Woman: *SIghs* *Throws down the merchindise in her hand and walks away from me into the back of the store.*

Yeah, she just disapeared. That same day I had to ask a sporting goods rep where there were some water bottles. He rolled his eyes a dozen times at me. The funny part? The two are going out.

With my items in tow, I went to the check out and had to wait 30+ minutes before getting checked out. Everytime I have went to that store, whether at 6 am or 3 am there is always just one or two people checking people out and their lines are all the way into the juniors department.

Again in the craft department I sat for an hour waiting for someone to cut fabric. Three CSR's walked by, chatting and having a good time, and told me they would get someone. I sat and sat and sat. Someone started calling the craft department and let it ring 20 times. The people in the store ignored it, actually cutting through the craft department with the phone ringing to go somewhere. I picked it up and told the person that I had been waiting for an hour and hadn't gotten help so they might as well stop calling. The woman was shocked that I had been waiting so long and said she would call back some other time. When the lady finally came, she accused me of cutting my own fabric becuase the roll I had was a junk roll that was a dollar a roll and was just scraps. I told her I didn't cut anything but she kept giving me dirty looks. I went to the manager and told her everything and she acted like it was my fault! "You didn't have to wait." Yeah you're right, someone could've helped me in 15 minutes. I called their 800# and get a lousy 5$ gift card and nothing happened to the store. It still sucks really bad.

Oh, and there are dead birds in the heating vents that they haven't cleaned out since the store was built so it smells and I'm sure is a health hazard.

There's more, but I'm agitated now.

I guess I should add due to the first comment, that this is actually the first time I have ever had bad experiences with WalMart. When I lived elsewhere, I loved going to wal mart. Everyone was nice and everyone was very helpful. I thought all those people who said that Walmart had bad service were just mad about something else when they went and just made it a bad day. I usually get in and out of walmart in 10 minutes with everything I wanted.

p.s. We took a taxi to Walmart once and the driver asked my boyfriend if he was a skin head. ... First off, my boyfriend has really long hair, no tatoos and was sitting their quietly. Second, WTF? We just looked at the taxi driver and when we got out we didn't tip him at all. He looked pissed.
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