Melissa (frickative) wrote in bad_service,

So, it's hardly the worst bad_service story in the history of the universe, but it was irritating. My friends and I went into a particular pub in town last night because it's usually fairly quiet and we wanted to play in their pool room.

There were only two other customers in the whole place, and when the six of us went up to the bar to get served I imagined they might be cheered by the increased custom.

Instead we got from the bar maid;

"What do you want? Oh, and thanks a lot. They were going to let me go at half nine if no one else came in." *Insert glare with enough furiosity to evaporate alcohol or similar*

She then proceeded to stock check the storage room next to the pool room, shooting similarly furious glares at us every time she glanced up.

She also had no idea what Snakebite was, and added so little blackcurrent that we might as well have not ordered it with a tail at all. As I say, it's a quieter pub so I really didn't mind that, I guess she'd just never had it ordered before. But the Menacing Death Glares of Doom just because we'd dared to patronise her establishment? Could have done without them xD

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