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Yesterday was the first day back to school for my kids. THANK THE STARS!! At any rate, my eldest teachers sent her supply lists with her. Needless to say I wasn't happy that the lists were sent the day school started and AFTER the sales were over. It's a moot point to the story really but nonetheless on with the story.

Now I've posted it before but gas is well over $3 per gallon here and running errands and going from store to store to store is a gas drain but nonetheless I did that last night. All the stores were sold out of stuff she needed, thankfully the basic stuff like pens, pencils, paper I bought early on but there were things on her list like Sharpies that I didn't have so off to the store we went.

First stop OfficeMax. They were out of lots of stuff. No Sharpies, no binders (the Case It type), no pencils (not that we needed pencils but they were out), no binder tab dividers and some other stuff on her list that I can't think of, off hand. So off to Target we went since it was basically next door (as in across the street type of next door). Target's shelves were empty. The only school supplies left were some glue (not even glue sticks) and some $1 notebooks so off to Costco we go because I knew they sold Case It binders, I just saw some there on Saturday... they were out and I was tired so I bought her 1/2 binders instead - one for each class - and we thought it'd work. She still needed Sharpies so off to Staples since it was near Costco's. They had Sharpies alright... $5 for a package of 5. -_- A package of two, same ultra fine tip, at Target costs 97 cents but Target didn't have any so I had no choice but to buy from Staples. I was tired and cranky by then since we already spent over three hours looking from store to store to store.

So here's where the bad service comes in.

Staples is PACKED with teachers and parents looking for stuff. (I blame the middle school teachers because they didn't give the lists out two weeks ago when all of the middle schoolers had orientation on the same day and were given their class schedules then.) As we're looking for the binder (which the original school letter said we would not need but found out we did on the teacher's lists) we (my daughter is 11) overheard the woman working in the printing area screaming into the phone at her boyfriend. The printing area from where we were at was a good 20 feet away and near the front of the store off to right so obviously other cashiers and customers heard her too.

She was pissed off that her boyfriend was going out that night while she was working so she was drilling him, where was he going, who was he going with, why the hell is "she" (no idea who "she" was) going to be there. She then proceeded to scream at him that she was at "fucking work" and he was going out to party. She was LOUD. So I took my daughter and we went to look for other stuff. No manager in the store, not even an assistant, I asked. So we continued to look for stuff and went down the second section towards the back looking for binder dividers and you could STILL hear her ranting to the guy on the phone. Other customers were complaining to each other about it and one of the other employees walked by and commented, "Is she STILL at it?" I nodded but frankly it was the last store, other then Office Depot, that I wanted to go to that night. It was already past 8 PM by then and while they were higher priced I didn't want to drive over to Office Depot. I think alot of the people there felt the same way either because other stores were sold out (and I talked to several other parents last night and today and turns out the three Super Wal-Marts are completely sold out of everything for school supplies) of stuff so it would have been a waste of time.

WHY wasn't there a manager? WHY was she allowed to cuss out her boyfriend in the printing area. No one DARED approach her because she was in a rage. Her face was angry and flushed.  She was completely pissed off because I'm guessing her boyfriend's ex or someone she knows is hot for him was going to be at some party she couldn't be at. When we left Staples it was 8:25 and she was STILL on the phone ranting and raving. It was a terrible thing to see.

I hope I don't have to do ANY more shopping any time soon because I'm so sick of the cranky people working lately. I've had bad service directly or witnessed bad service given (or lack of service in several instances). And to think, temp season is coming up which means more irritable employees who might think they can get away with it because they're temp.
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