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Bad_service is when my coworker decides that she is done working for the night and leaves the register.
Cross posted to co_workers_suck

S: My coworker who I've written about many times. She decides she doesn't want to work for weeks at a time. Doesn't show up for her shifts... comes in late, leaves early... She basically acts like she can do whatever she wants. I've gone to managers about her before but for some reason, they won't fire her. She was sick and called to say she couldn't come in for a week. Okay, you're sick. Fine. Don't come in and get the rest of us sick. Then she complains about how she never gets enough hours. She calls the store manager and gets put back on the schedule. She has TWO DAYS on the schedule this week. She comes in for the first day, and doesn't come in the second. A few days later she is scheduled and doesn't show up again, leaving us short handed.

On the last day she didn't come in, I worked from 9 am to 8:30 pm. I stayed as a favor to my store manager. Plus, I'm poor and need the overtime. So, 11 hours that day because she didn't show up AGAIN. At my store when one person doesn't show up, it screws EVERYONE over.

This specific story is about her leaving early one day.

S was on register one which meant she was the one who rang everyone up unless they were in pharmacy. She wanted to leave early. So, two hours before her shift was over, it was just me and her. C, my other coworker was on lunch. He had 10 minutes left.

I was on aisle two doing a reset. I couldn't see the front at all.

S: *pages* Maddie to register one... Maddie to register one.
Me: *walks over to register one to see that there is a line of three people, and S is walking out the door with her bag* Where are you going?
S: HOME. C was supposed to be back by now.
C: *walking in the door* What is going on?
S: You should hurry up and get back!
C: I have 10 minutes left!
S: Whatever.

So, I hop behind the register. The first customer says, "What the heck was that about? I've been waiting here for a few minutes..." Apparently she had just left the register, clocked out and went home. Those people had been waiting for her to ring them up but she decided to leave instead.

Also, every customer she helps she acts rude. She acts like they are putting her out because she has to DO HER JOB. I've had customers complain about her attitude.

I've told my bosses but somehow she stays on the schedule. They just won't fire her. It is ridiculous. I'm sorry if anyone ever comes in and has the pleasure of meeting her when she decides she will work.

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