Rouk (roukzeptea23) wrote in bad_service,

I was at the store today buying ingredients for ice cream and cake (yum). The store wasn't very busy (less than half of the lines were open and each lane had at most two people) and a new line had just been opened (I was in this line). I said hi, but didn't really get much acknowledgment from the cashier. That wasn't so bad; at least she was moving fast and I was ready to get home so it was all good. She was going so fast that I couldn't put things on the belt fast enough, otherwise I would have helped put my bagged things back in cart as there was no bagger. That wasn't a problem since she paged a bagger. The bagger came, put everything in the cart, and promptly left. So far, even though the cashier is being a bit brisk and not friendly, everything is good pretty good. I pay with my card (it's the kind of store where the customer swipes their card), punch the right buttons, sign my name, and quickly put my wallet back in my purse. Then I look up at the cashier to get my receipt.

Here's where it gets to be just a little too much. The cashier has picked up the phone with one hand, is looking at the phone, and has my receipt held out away from her. I say "thanks" like I do at the end of a transaction (and then I generally say "you too" when the cashier typically says "have a nice day") and attempt to grab the receipt from her hand. I say "attempt" because even though she has the receipt held out for me, she has quite a grip on it. I managed to gently tug it from her hand and somehow she remains oblivious to me or my efforts to get my receipt. As I put the receipt in one of my bags and push my cart away, I hear her making a generic announcement on the phone for such and such to come to the front. Could that not wait a few seconds while she handed me my receipt and I left?! It's alright that she didn't say much of anything and wasn't too friendly, but I'd rather not be ignored like that. I felt like I was a nuisance for just checking out.
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