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You want us to pay for your mistakes?

Our water bill was paid two weeks ago, BEFORE it was due. They never ran the credit card. We didn't catch it sooner because it's not on one of the cards we use on a daily basis. That was our mistake for not getting a confirmation number but we had never had any problems with them before in calling and paying the bill.

TODAY the water was cut off. -_- So the hubby calls and was told that there was a problem with the credit card and that the number we gave them - TWO WEEKS AGO - was wrong. So the hubby gave her the number AGAIN and it's the SAME number she has on file. ::rolleyes:: So then she tell the hubby the disconnection fee will be an additional $25 and there is a $75 INSTALL fee for the meter!


So let me get this straight, maybe someone out in the peanut gallery can figure it out...

1) The number on file is the SAME number the hubby gave her over the phone but according to her the number is WRONG. Ok, to rule out the fact that "maybe the card was over the limit... nope, sorry that card is used strictly for bills thus it's not one we use on a daily basis. It's a paid off credit card so it rules out the "no money" problem. Besides she was saying the card number was wrong.

2) We paid two weeks ago, they didn't run the card when he called to pay. Ok, I admit it was our fault - more like his - for not getting a confirmation number to verify they ran it but still... They should have run the card the day he called to pay instead of two weeks later!

3) WHY pull the meter? I just came back inside (after writing #2) because he (water guy) came back to turn the water back on and replace the meter. He said that all he knows  is that he was told to pull the meter. He said he replaced it with the same meter so we shouldn't be charged for a new meter let alone an installation fee because he agreed with me, the meter shouldn't have been pulled to begin with on a simple shut off especially not on our bill since it wasn't even 30 days past due.

(Hey but we're talking about the same water company that shut us off for a bill under $10 that was "found" during a department audit and the bill actually belonged to the previous owners of the house because it was from a time when we didn't live in the house.)

I'm so sick of living in this area. The water and electric companies are monopolies here - only one choice for each and they'll get you with ever fee they can think of. Like the city water department (which is the one I'm talking about) were charging people an additional monthly fee for an "ambulance fee" until the state courts ruled it unconstitutional so the city was forced to repay people but instead of paying them back, they sent out notices saying that you had to responded to the notice by the end of that month for a CREDIT up to $100 to be credited towards the account. The only ones who got the noticed were the customers who still got bills from them and not those who moved out of the water district (so if the person moved to the neighboring town they didn't get a notice). We responded to it and NEVER got the credit despite living in this town for nearly 10 years (ok, we moved several times but still, when we called and said we're moving from Address A to Address B, shut off water at Address A on This Date and have it on at Address B at That Date... so you would think we'd STILL get credit for over five years of paying that fee but nooooooo).

The woman made the mistake in not running the card that day, so why should we pay an additional $100 to get our water turned on?
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