fadeddesignxx (fadeddesignxx) wrote in bad_service,

Not entirely bad service, but just enough to piss me off. =(

Before I start, I just want to say this is my first post here, and hopefully my last. 

Okay, before you think I'm a total whiny bitch, I just want it to be known I've worked in a call center for almost a year, and I'm a CSR. So yes. On with the story!

I have a new apartment up in Moncton, NB, and just signed a one year lease. We pay 950, heat, lights and hotwater included. A bit on the steep side, but I have a room mate so we manage. These things are just minor irritations, but enough to bother me. First off, when I was given the key my room mate wasn't there, as she lives in Nova Scotia (like myself) and won't be moving up til well... tonight. There was the three keys (one for the main door, another for mailbox, and another for apartment) and she told me I'd have to make a copy. No big deal, but enough to piss me off. 

The other thing is, yesterday I was having cable, phone and internet set up through Rogers. We were unpacking while the guy did his thing, and all of a sudden my Mom starts kind of freaking out. Glance down, and there is a mouse on the floor. >< We know they can't hurt you, but... yuck. So I called my landlord, and got the helpful suggestion to buy a mousetrap. He ended up buying one for me, and dropping it off. I'd hate to see what would happen if I had a plumbing problem...

Sorry buddy, that should be your responsiblity. I know I'm making a big deal about this, but so far? I'm not very impressed with my landlord. Love the apartment, it's gorgeous (there are pictures in my journal), but my landlord? Not so much. I've got his cell number, and the office # programmed into my cell.

/End rant. =(
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