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Battle With Demeter Fragrances - inexcusable service!!!

I'm incensed.

On 11/11, I ordered 3 fragrances from Demeter. The site said it would ship the next day. A week after ordering, I still had nothing. I wrote to customer service twice and got no reply for nearly 2 weeks, when I was finally told that my stuff had been backordered because it wasn't in stock.

The thing is... the site tells you when something isn't available. I wasn't able to order some of my first choices because they were not in stock. They ADVERTISE same day shipping on all items that are NOT marked "out of stock". So if something wasn't available, the site should've told me... or at least I should've gotten a reply sooner.

So I wrote back, saying that I'd like to change my order to something that WAS in stock, and get it shipped as soon as possible. But the site was suddenly listing EVERYTHING as out of stock, and not taking new orders at all. I got no reply to the email I sent.

I wrote again Thanksgiving weekend, asking them what the problem was and where my order was. I got a form email back on 12/2 saying that my order had been shipped, apologizing for any inconvenience, thanking me for my order, and inviting me to reply if I had further questions. I replied and said that their customer service had been utterly lacking and asked what had delayed the issue so much. I further let them know that due to their delay, I had been forced to buy another present for the person I had intended to give it to.

On Sunday the 7th, I got an email from a girl in customer service asking me for the order number and telling me that she had no record of anyone with my name placing an order. I was SO MAD. I forwarded her the entire email that said it had been shipped on the 2nd, and asked her to confirm that it HAD been shipped.

I got a reply TODAY - A WEEK LATER - telling me that there was no record of my order and asking for the order number. I wrote her back with a copy of the original order number (after digging through my email box for something over a month old). I also asked for the full name, mailing address, and phone number for the company, since I checked with the Better Business Bureau AND and neither have ANY info at all on them.

Interesting that their bank had no trouble finding mine a month ago, the order was supposedly "ready to ship" over a month ago, and an email confirming shipping was sent to me 2 weeks ago.... BUT I STILL HAVE NO PRODUCT!!!!



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