Sarah Dickson (sarah_dickson) wrote in bad_service,
Sarah Dickson

My boyfriend works in a call centre for a big supermarket chain in the UK. He takes calls regarding their online grocery service, where you choose your shopping from the website, and they deliver it for you. The order is filled by employees called 'pickers' in the store nearest to your home address. Now, if one of the items you choose if unavailable for some reason, the pickers will try their best to substitute an alternative item which will be as close a match as possible.

The boyfriend received a call from an elderly gentleman who had received his shopping, only to find that instead of a certain bottle of whisky, which was unavailable at the time, the pickers had substitued a box of tampons! Its good service to try to make up for lack of an item, but BAD service to susbstitute a TOTALLY inappropriate item. The gentleman did find it funny, and his whisky money was refunded. I'd like to know what was going through that pickers mind when they picked out tampons!
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