Lindsey (lsmith_2003) wrote in bad_service,

Last chance, China Garden

I work 2nd shift, my boyfriend works 1st, but was working late last night. He came back to eat with me and we decided to get some Chinese takeout. After deciding what we wanted I made him call because I can't understand them.
When he hangs up after ordering he says "Damn.. you really can't understand them!" What's important to know is that he's Chinese and spent almost 1/4 of his life in Taiwan, so he speaks the language and can understand just about anyone with an accent. "I suppose I could have made it easier and ordered in Chinese, but no, this is America!" And he doesn't have any accent, so they wouldn't have known over the phone.
He ordered extra rice and asked for a lot of hot sauce and some soy sauce, so when we went to get it, I told him to be sure to check it. So he asked politely if the hot sauce and soy sauce were in there. She looked a little perturbed, but she showed him the one cup of hot sauce and asked if that was enough. Then she said "Two soy sauce good?" Yeah, ok, fine, he's the only one who wanted it.
When we got back we discovered that our dumplings were steamed, not fried, which is the second time that's happened to me. And there was no extra rice, plus the soup was just hot enough to taste good. So I'm glad we stopped at the other Chinese place and got a menu on the way back. None of those things were a big deal, but altogether enough to make me just start eating somewhere else.

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