melfice (melfice) wrote in bad_service,

Service, please?

So my friend and I decided to partake in a little Pizza Hut this afternoon after our classes were finished up. We drive over, park, go inside and stand where the sign tells us to. A girl peeks her head out of the back, looks at us, and vanishes again. Five minutes later, she comes back out and seats us.

Just to be clear, there are three other groups eating. It is *not* busy.

She asks us what we want, but hasn't given us menus. We ask for some and she replies that they're out of them right now. Um...okay? So we decide on something, she takes that order and our drink order, and runs off.

She comes back fifteen minutes later and plops down two paper cups. "Sorry," she mumbles. "We're out of the regular glasses."

We assure her that's fine and she leaves again.

At this point, I'm going to point out we're the only white patrons in the restaurant at the moment. The entire staff is black, including our waitress.

A group of girls come in, also black, and the waitress greets them with menus and seats them. They order and she brings them out drinks in the regular glasses. Some time passes and they receive the two pizzas they ordered.

By this time, we're tired of waiting for our waitress to grace us with her presence again. I get up and refill our drinks myself, as she hasn't bothered to do it the entire meal. While I'm there, I grab some silverware and napkins that we also weren't given.

Twenty minutes later she returns with our pizza and plops it down. She does not bring us plates to eat it from. When we request them, she says that they're out. My friend asks for some extra marinara sauce. She is told there is a $0.42 charge for it and she's cool with that. The waitress brings back one of those small plastic containers, filled only 1/4 of the way with sauce, and runs off again.

We ordered stuffed crust. We got thin crust. We ate it anyway.

She came back to drop off the tab and we requested a box. We had half a pizza left and she brings us back one of the very small boxes. We stuff it in anyway. I go get us some more to drink, as she hadn't even glanced at our empty paper cups.

We started to leave and the waitress sarcastically calls out to us, "White people always tip soooo great." (We left $2, on a $17 meal - one that we hardly received service for). My friend, who delivers pizzas for a living, turns and just laughs at her.
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