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Actually a good service post!

Lat night a friend had a party. Near his place we passed a small lot of shops which included a pizza and pasta place. The three of us in the car immediately thought, "Mmmm pizza for dinner!"

When we got to the party one group went out to get food other than pizza and by the time they'd returned the pizza orders were organised and off we went. We decided if the place was too expensive we would go elsewhere so we already had a contingency plan anyway.

Well we walked up to the store, noticed lots of people out the front and an "opening soon" sign. I figured the sign was a bit out of date. However it was kinda weird when I noticed half the people sitting in BBQ chairs they'd obviously brought from home, drinking out of wine glasses. And inside was a table set with bowls of pasta and pizzas and scallopini. Hrmm...

The woman there noticed us and explained that they actually didn't open until Wednesday and they were just having an opening party with family and friends. A little embarrased we were ready to just go elsewhere but she insisted on asking the pizza maker if he'd take an order. he shrugged and said "why not?" and proceeded to make us the three pizzas we wanted. There was no bacon available for the meat lovers so he replaced it with prawns. There was also no chicken prepared but they cooked some up especially for us! The woman offered us a slice of pizza that had just been cooked for the other guests and later told us to try the pasta out on the table (I did, and it was good!) We chatted to them and a couple of the other guests while we waited for the pizzas to cook.

The total came to $48 ($16 a pizza, which was a reasonable price for good pizza shop pizza). They didn't even have the till set up yet. I was about to just suggest that we give them $50 for their trouble but another friend produced a $5 note and was looking for coin to make it up to $48 and the pizza maker said, "Oh just make it $45."

They were awfully nice to us, and we promised we would make them our party food supplier in the future and tell everyone about them. We were their first paying customers, 4 days early!

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