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WHOA, Wait, What?

I tried calling for a pizza this evening at Pizza Hut and I got this:

Me: Cheesier than any pizza.
SPL: Speedy Pizza Lady

SPL: *Speaking incredibly fast* "ThnkyoufrcallinPizaHutthisifssernrfflewouldyouordnzzrfzsspicuprrrdlvry?"

Me: "What?"

SPL: *BIG SIGH* "picuprrrdlvry?"

I paused and eventually translated this as "Pick Up or Delivery."

Me: "Uh, Delivery."

SPL: "Willthatffrnnszthncrstpanpzza?"

Me: "What?"

SPL: *another big sigh and a little louder and more irritated* "Willthatffrnnszthncrstpanpzza?!"

Me: I can't understand what you're asking. Can you slow down?

SPL: *almost yells* "WillThatBeThinCrustOrPanPizza???!!!" (at least I think I got that translated correctly)

Me: *nicely* "Whoa, honey, Ok...I'm guessing you're really busy and you've been saying this so much you can recite it in your sleep. I'm not trying to be difficult but I don't order pizza very often and you're going so fast I honestly can't understand you. Can you please repeat that more slowly for me?"

SPL: *long pause* *sigh* *click*

Honestly, I'm really nice to servers and retail people and cut them a lot of slack. I've been there, I know how much those jobs suck on so many levels. I can understand being busy, dealing with stupid customers, and saying stupid slogans constantly for 8 hours on end to the point where I want to stab a plastic fork through my brain to make it stop. That, however, crossed the line into totally uncalled for. Looks like I'm driving down to Pizza Hut to order my pizza in person and talking to somebody's manager tonight.
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