yeah (uniformish) wrote in bad_service,

Somebody's watchin' me.

So my parents went to go buy a water fountain at a place nextdoor to where I wanted to go, Sally's Beauty Supply. Of course, my parents have the moolah, as they were the ones intending to shop and not me.

I walked in with my younger sister and started browsing the small, narrow shop, looking for this skin care tool I'd wanted to try out for a while. I like when I'm asked if I need help, but I don't like it when an employee follows me around and watches me. One particular employee continued to ask my sister and I if we needed help, but most of the time she would stare at us. I didn't have my purse with me and I was wearing a simple shirt and tight jeans--you would have been able to see the tool I wanted to purchase as it was larger than my pocket and would not fit. I haven't stolen anything before. I felt pretty uncomfortable being watched like that...but maybe I just misinterpreted it. More and more people were walking in, too, but I continued to feel really uncomfortable. Has anyone had a similar experience?
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