melfice (melfice) wrote in bad_service,

Um....Yeah, sure.

So my friend and I are in the express line - 12 items or less. I have 6 items, my friend has 9.

The line moves quickly and as I start placing my things down, the cashier holds her hand out in front of me.

C: Cashier
Me: ^.^

C: I'm sorry, miss, only 12 items or less. I need you to go to the next register over.
Me: Um....I've only got 6 items.
C: Together you two have 15 items. You need to go to another register.
Me: But we're not together. We're paying seperately.
C: I can't serve you here. Please go to the next register.

So we take our stuff and mosey over to the self-checkouts. But still...I don't understand the problem. My friend did not even put her things down with mine, she was still holding them.

It just seems odd to me.
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