Miss Kitty (kittylair) wrote in bad_service,
Miss Kitty

Not flying Jet Blue anytime soon!

Apparently there's a new dress code for flying:

I'm seriously appalled that they think they can do that to their customers. I refuse to fly an airline like that.
I won't say anything more here because I will just break down and rant about the country going to hell in a WWJD Hand basket.

You can tell them what you think at: http://www.jetblue.com/speakup/index.html

the shirt in question (but not the guy):

edit: You "people" (^_~) are killing my inbox! I left last night to "quality check" some rum and I come back to 40 plus emails in my box!
But it's a good convo so carry on!

Okay okay okay!!! MY BOX HAS BEEN MURDERED!!! (hehee) But seriously 246 comments? Yikes. Don't you people sleep, eat, or work?

(My name changed to LJ nick)
Dear Ms. Kittylair,

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to address the situation
reported on DemocracyNow.org and other sites. We are working with the TSA to fully understand the situation, and we have not concluded our fact-finding yet.

Our fundamental responsibility as an airline is to provide safe and secure travel for all of our customers. This requires us to be sensitive to the concerns of all of our customers, while also upholding the rights of the individual. We value diversity, among our customers as well as our crewmembers. We take our responsibility seriously, and should there be an opportunity to improve our effectiveness, we will take the appropriate action.

We appreciate your interest in this matter as well as your understanding of all our customers' needs. We remain available should you have any further questions or concerns.


Jason Ward
Director Customer Commitment
JetBlue Airways

Well that's something!

Feel free to steal the icon- just credit me please.
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