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Sucky service!

In various forms.

In our old apartment, right above a convenience store/McDonald's/Subway/etc., my boyfriend and I would get sub sandwiches a lot. Usually the person who isn't paying is the one who runs down to get the stuff, and at the time of this particular event it was my turn.
Usually I have one person make both of the subs at the same time, but on this day there was no line up (truly unheard of for this location) and one of the people making sandwiches was a trainee. I've been to this location a LOT and most of the staff knows me on sight -- I also know that every single one of them doesn't speak English very well. I try to speak loud and clear, to make sure they don't mistake my order, and pretty much most of the staff is good about repeating requests back to ensure the right thing was heard. I also watch them while they make the sandwiches, just in case -- mistakes have been made, and I understand that sometimes you'll grab the orange cheddar while you're thinking white cheddar in your head. Hey, I've worked customer service for many years, I understand.
This one guy takes the cake, though.
The non-trainee sandwich person was making my sub, while the trainee was making my boyfriend's. Since they weren't both done at the same time, mine was done first and the girl went to ring in my order while the trainee was finishing up my sub. I like extra sauce on my sub, and I've noticed a tendancy for most of the sandwich makers to put extra mustard on my boyfriend's sub if mine was made first -- so when his is second, I make a point of saying 'a -small- amount of mustard.'
I'm watching the trainee make my boyfriend's sub -- he's doing very well, and is quite quick with it unlike other trainees -- when the girl at the register asks me a question. I turn my head for one moment, and turn it back to see the trainee halfway through dumping insane amounts of mayonaise onto my boyfriend's sub. That's not the sucky part.
When I pointed out his error, and requested that he re-make the sub (my boyfriend hates mayo,) he got extremely rude. At first he tried to tell me that he couldn't, but there was NO LINE behind me at all, and it was his own fault. I'd clearly stated 'and a small amount of mustard' and he hadn't had a problem at all with the rest of the order. The cashier said something to him in another language, at which point he chucked the messed-up sub in the garbage and made another one. The next one wasn't made nearly as well, during which he also threw me many glares, and occasionally I'd hear him say something under his breath in another language. But it had the right ingredients, so I left it at that -- I'm not expecting a perfect sandwich or anything, but a small amount of mustard is not the same thing as half a bottle of mayo!
I did call the place afterwards, and spoke to a manager about the trainee's behaviour. I stressed that the guy seemed very competent with the rest of his job, and that perhaps he was having a bad day or just needed to brush up on some customer service skills. I was annoyed with his behaviour, but I'm nice to a fault and didn't want the guy to lose his job or anything. However, I never did see that guy again. No idea if that's related to me or not.

Two stories here. First one is from when I was with a friend -- we were picking up some lunch via the drive-thru. When it came time to pay, she was using her debit card, but the transaction wouldn't go through. The guy at the till told us that the error looked like it was getting a busy signal or something -- I've worked with these debit machines before, and I knew what he was talking about. Sometimes when it's really busy in a certain area, and everybody's trying to dial out with their Interac machines, you'll get a busy signal. Used to drive me nuts when I worked at a DQ across from a football stadium.
Anyways. It kept giving him this error, over and over, and it's been about five minutes now. Eventually a supervisor comes over, and says that my friend will have to pay cash. My friend understands this, but we are in a hurry and she asks if there's another debit machine at the other window, in case it's a problem with the machine itself and not the whole busy-signal thing. The supervisor suddenly gets very angry, and flat-out tells my friend that the error is that my friend doesn't have any money, and she can't waste any more time on us.
My friend gets PISSED but drives off without saying anything, and we go pick up some cash from a cash machine a minute away (plenty of money in her account!) We go back to the McDonald's, and my friend goes in because she wants to tell the manager about the inexplicable way the supervisor acted.
When she comes out, she tells me that she got her food for free without even asking, and it turns out the debit machine had come unplugged (not the power, obviously, but the line for dialing out and such.) Go figure.

Second one is mine.
I get in line at McDonald's when there's two people in front of me. They both pay for their orders and then move the side to wait, so I order mine. Most of my order is quick things -- drinks, salad, McFlurry, etc. Things the cashier can get. I do, however, get a McExtra with cheese and some fries for the boyfriend -- keep in mind that my order is relatively small, as I'm only buying for two people.
Some more people behind me make orders, and the guys in front of me eventually get their food. One lady behind me has eight meals with burgers in her order.
I can see my stuff lined up, next to the bag, ready to be packed -- just waiting for the burger. That's when it gets weird.
People behind me start getting their orders before mine is done. I wouldn't be weirded out if they were all front-things, but these people were getting burgers and the like. My cashier tells the cook that she needs to make a McExtra with cheese next, in case the order didn't show up on her screen or something. The cook confirms that.
A few more minutes go by, another guy behind me gets his order. I'm really wondering what's up. My cashier is busy with other front things, so she can't watch the cook like a hawk, but she does ask the cook twice more! Still, no McExtra with cheese.
The lady with eight burgers gets her order and leaves. The manager has arrived, realised what's going on, and flat-out tells the cook to hurry up and make my order. The cook says 'okay!' in that exasperated tone we all get when people are telling us to do something we're already doing -- and then another guy behind me gets his burger.
I realise it could've already been cooking, but I know it wasn't. How? The way they had it set up, I could see most of the kitchen and -all- of the grill from the front. The cook is on the grill and tossing the burgers together as well -- she ran out of pre-prepared meat because of the lady with eight burgers... but there were still guys in front of eight-burger-lady and behind me, who got their burgers before me!
At this point, the manager (who was also very busy with some things, it would appear) tells the cook to go to the back and have a break (the cook didn't want to leave, an argument ensued that lasted twenty seconds or so) and then he takes over, making my order next.
The cashier was really sweet, she got me new fries while my burger was finally being made, and was really worried that I'd be pissed off and yelling or something. Aside from curious looks to the kitchen, though, I never made a rude face or said an angry word the whole time I was in there. The manager offered to give me money back, but I'd paid a long time ago (via debit) and didn't feel like it. I thanked the manager, told the cashier that she was wonderful, and left.

I only have a learner's license (and yet I'm 20) so I take public transit pretty much everywhere.
It was after dark, but still fairly early, on a winter night (cold too!) when I was waiting for a bus to take me home. I'm at a stop that's right before a set of lights, and after the lights is another stop.
In Calgary, buses will stay on the curb-most lane unless there's a reason not too -- like making a left turn at the next set of lights, a stalled car, etc. Basically, it's a good idea to keep in the lane closest to the stops you'll need to pick people up from!
I see my bus coming, finally, and step up to the edge of the curb to signify that I'm waiting for it. It's at this point I should mention what I'm wearing -- jeans and a biker-style leather jacket. I wear the jacket because it's warm, and it was a present from a dear relative of mine. I know it's not exactly classy -- but my hair was up in something nice (I just had a colourful headband around my ears) and my make-up was done carefully. Basically, I could've looked a thousand times freakier than I did that night, and I've seen way more outlandish styles of clothing on the bus before. We're not exactly a small town, it's not like they've never seen a leather jacket before.
So you can imagine my surprise that the bus driver, after making eye-contact with me, pulls two lanes to his left AWAY from the curb I'm on! His bus isn't full -- far from it -- and there's no stalled or parked or whatever cars in the lane next to the curb.
The light turns red and he has to stop. Now, I don't know if there's a rule about picking up people when you're not at a stop, but some bus drivers will snag you anyways so I weave through the cars (I know this light very well, it'll stay red for a while) and tap on the door, smiling at the driver and waving once he turns. He sees me, and then just completely ignores me and stares to the front. I stand there, confused, for a minute, before I go back to the curb and wait at the corner.
When the light changes again, I cross the street to the next stop -- there's people there, all standing and waiting for the bus I'd just tried to catch. The bus pulls back two lanes to the right to get these people and they file on without a problem. I'm last in line, and he shuts the door right in-between myself and the person in front of me! My jaw just drops and I stare at the bus driver, who is staring dead-ahead as he speeds away, leaving me in -25 (Celcius, before wind chill) weather to wait for another bus.
Let me tell you, Calgary Transit got a HUGE earful about that incident. I've never seen that bus driver again, but that doesn't mean anything really -- there's tons of bus routes in this city that I've never been on, and never will. I just couldn't believe it, though! Like, what the fuck was that? I think that's the single most horrid poor excuse for service that I've ever had.
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