Meri (livemockingbird) wrote in bad_service,

Sometimes I am appalled by the people who work as public servants in NYC. Yes, I know, to say Servant sounds horrible and what not--but that's that they're called: Public Servants.

For some horrible reason, the subway system in the city is not all handicap accessible. This should be an outrage to the Americans with Disabilities---but somehow, it's not. Well, for me, it's just a nuisance. I have a new baby, which means my days of just running up and down the stairs into the station are all but over. I know just about every station in the city that has a elevator or escalator which makes it much easier to travel with a stroller. Once I'm in the train station, though--there is always a 'service entrance' that allows me to swipe my metrocard, push the turnstyle a click, then enter through the door. Most of the doors are just open as a general rule and you don't have to consult the token booth clerk.

Well, I live near the World Trade Center. They just rebuilt the train station there (that leads to NJ) which connects to the subway. Since this station is up to date---there is an elevator. I took the shiny new lift down to the train station, then walked to the subway portion. It turns out the section that connects to the elevator only gives access to the wrong side of the subway--i wanted to go north, this side only went south. So, instead of just going down the steps from the street--I ended up having to drag my stroller down the stairs, across an underpass, then up another flight of stairs. I was pissed.

Once I got to the northbound train track, I saw a 12 person line waiting to buy metrocards. I went over to the door only to discover that it was one of the few service entrances that actually locks--damn those up to date stations! There was a train coming. So I went over to the ticket booth and tapped lightly on the window--with a smile on my face--to ask the woman to PUSH THE BUTTON that releases the electric magnet on the door (this is the normal porcedure when the door still functions--which most don't). And this is what happened:

Token Bitch: You don't knock on my window! You have to get on the line like everyone else.
Me: Umm, no I don't.
Token Bitch: Yes, you do!
Me: That's just rediculous, you just have to push the button.
Token Bitch: *giving her current customers WRONG directions to Time's Square* *ignores me*

The train comes and goes from the station. I'm pissed at this point. She goes through her whole line of customers with me seething. I was late to meet my husband for lunch. As her last customer passes me to go to the platform, I look at her and say, "Are you going to let me in?"

She presses the button, I go in. As I'm walking onto the platform I say, "Umm, yeah, I think you've forgotten who pays your salary!"

She says, in what I'm sure was her best 5 year old tone, "Umm, no you do-on't!" I swear she said that.

What I really want to know is what the hell makes her think that I DON'T contribute to the paying of her paycheck!?
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