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Bee Cool

Every Friday for the past year, I have been taking a Greyhound bus from the town I live in to the town my mother lives in, which is about an hour and 15 minute long trip southbound. This bus is scheduled to leave at 1:20 pm (though in the yaer I've been taking it, it's showed up less than 45 minutes late a grand total of twice, but that's another story), so today I arrived at 1:10 pm to pick up the ticket I ordered on line, as I do every week. Now, after taking this bus every week for a year, I have learned that busses headed southbound to where I am going will read "Seattle" on the sign above the windshield, while busses headed North will read "Vancouver" (as these busses go to Vancouver, British Columbia). I have never once seen a Southbound bus marked as being on it's way to Vancouver.

So, today, I am sitting in the lobby in the bus station, playing some crappy shareware game on my laptop while I wait for the bus, when a bus drives up. I check it out and it says "Vancouver" on the sign up front, so I assume that it's not my bus. The ticket agent working had mentioned earlier that they had double sold one of the Northbound busses and had to send an extra one up from Seattle, which would be stopping at our station but not picking up any passengers. I assumed that when he didn't make a boarding call (every other time I have taken Greyhounds in my entire life, they have made a boarding call to let people who are in the bathroom, on the payphone, etc. know that their bus is here), this was why. Imagine my surprise when I hear the ticket agent tell someone that the bus out front IS headed south.

I say, "Wait, this bus is headed South?", to which he responds, "Yep." I tell him I thought it was going North because it says Vancouver on the sign, and he tells me, "You better run outside and try to catch it before it leaves!" I grab my luggage and bolt for the bus. The bus driver is just starting it up, so I wave at him to try and get his attention. He looks at me, rolls his eyes, and waves me a sarcastic goodbye. I yell that I have a ticket and wave my ticket in the air, and he just sternly shakes his head at me to let me know that I will NOT be getting on his bus.

I head back inside the station to inform the ticket agent of what just happened, and he just looks at me and shrugs, saying "The bus was probably full." I tell him I bought my ticket a week ago, so I don't see how there wouldn't be a seat for me on the bus, and he shrugs again. Then the manager comes out and lets me and the 2 other people who missed the bus due to it being mislabled know that another bus is on it's way to the station and will be headed South when it arrives, which is in about 20 minutes. At this point, it's about 2:15, and I don't have to be to work in the town my mom lives in til about 6 so I figure that will work for me.

During our wait, a guy is buying a ticket at the counter and asks how early he should arrive before the time the bus is scheduled to leave. The ticket agent tells him, "Maybe like 5-10 minutes, it's only people who WAIT UNTIL THE BUS IS LEAVING TO TRY AND GET ON who don't end up boarding the bus", which really made me feel like he was referring to me(he even looked right at me when he said it).

An hour and 15 minutes later, the bus arrives. Me and the two other guys waiting grab our bags and wait in front of the bus. I ask the driver if he's the one taking us South and he just says "NO" and starts walking away. The ticket agent comes outside to talk to the driver, and they start to discuss whether or not it's worth it to make a trip all the way down South just for three passengers. The driver says he doesn't want to because, in his words, "I'm on so much vicodin right now I can hardly think." They go inside to decide what to do, totally leaving me and the two other guys hanging for another 15 minutes, and send someone else out to tell us they won't be taking us and we are going to have to wait for an hour and a half for the next bus. I ultimately decided to call my work and let them know I couldn't come in, and exchanged my ticket for a much later one so I could still head to my mom's tonight without having to see that damn ticket agent again.

What pisses me off the most is that through this whole ordeal, I was treated with complete apathy by every Greyhound employee I encountered. No one offered me a refund, an alternative transportation solution, a free return ticket..I didn't get so much as an "I'm sorry". In fact, I got nothing but attitude the entire day.

I have every intention of calling Greyhound customer service tomorrow and giving them a full account of what I went through today (this is the first ever time I have called and complained about service like this anywhere, so the fact that I'm doing this says alot about how poorly I was treated), but I'm concerned that if their counter employees and drivers don't give a shit, they won't either. If that's the case, I'm not sure what to do from there.
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