Kaitlyn (kaitlyn142) wrote in bad_service,

Random snippets

I went on vacation last weekend. Here are a few snips of random bad service. Nothing awful. Most were just amusing.

First off, bad service by the car dealership, telling me that the car was okay. Being stranded at a gas station 12 hrs from home? Not happy. This was a problem that they swore was fixed. Bah.

While on vacation, we treated ourselves rather nicely to several upscale restaurants. As a server, I get annoyed when I have incompetent bad service. Bad day I can understand, but this one girl didn't know her deserts! If I'm at a cloth-napkin scale restaurant, the server had better know that the creme brule is supposed to be cold in the center, not creamy liquidy goodness like the other places I've had it.

Also, I understand when two 20-somethings come into a nice restaurant dressed-down, (idiot boyfriend didn't think to pack anything but shorts and t-shirts), you're going to assume that we're going to be cheap. However, when we order the two most expensive entrees ($30 and $28) I'd expect the service to pick up. I still can't figure out the random $3 charge. I get the scam of padding a bill, but our bill was already $75. Adding $3 doesn't make sense. He ended up taking it off the bill, and we subtracted it from the tip.

The funniest was when I tried to order drinks from a poolside bar. I know I look very young, so I always bring my ID when I order alcohol. I ordered 3 drinks(strawberry coladas) and didn't get carded. I tried my drink and discovered it was very sweet. No alcohol taste at all. I was lazy, so I sent my mother up to complain. She returned with 3 alcoholic drinks, and the story that the guy thought I was 12! He didn't bother carding me - just made the drinks virgin. On the plus side, when he remade them, he didn't charge us for the alcohol.

Side note, of all the fancy restaurants we went to, the best service I got was from a chain breakfast place. Also, Nationwide insurance is fantastic. When my car broke down, someone suggested I call them for help. The poor guy did everything he could for me - not much - and told me jokes to cheer me up. It was lovely.

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