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Ok, so me and my boyfriend and another couple went out to eat at Applebees tonight. We all hadn't been there in a while, and thigns started off pretty smooth, we got seated immediatly, our drinks were brought promptly, and before me and my boyfriend had even gotten to the bottom of our glasses the waiter had brought us another one. Well, everythings cool, we get our food, and I happened to be sitting on the end of the table next to the aisle. Directly across from me was my friends boyfriend. Now, it's getting towards the end of our meal, so I'm getting close to done, but I have a good amount of mashed potatoes and french fries (yeah a lot of starch I know) left and I'm still eating. Theres even chicken left on my plate. Roberto (my friends boyfriend) has barely eatne half his chicken. The waiter is coming with more drinks, sets My boyfriends and Kiri (Robertos g/f) drinks down without effort, but as he is settin gmine down, something just goes wrong. It spills ALL over the table, especially in my plate. My poor little french fries are now swimming in a sea of iced tea. Sweet no less, so its especially sticky. The drink splashed all over me and Roberto both, and my jeans were soaked in several places. No big deal right? It's happened to me before, except worse. But this time, the waiter didn't even apologize. First off, he completley ignored the fact that Roberto and I were both soaked. He didn't even apologize. He just turned really red and walked off to get napkins. He didn't say another word for a while, until he brought back napkins, again, ignoring me and telling Roberto that he would bring him another plate while he took my plate (swimming in tea, and I'm still not finished). Now I'm sitting there speechless. First off, you spilled sweet tea all over me. I'm sticky, my feet are wet, my jeans are wet, and you took my food. Second, you ignored me again, you didn't offer to bring ME another plate, even though I wasn't done. Roberto had to flag the guy down and tell him I wanted another one. They guy acted like he was doing us a favor by comping our second meals. Um, hello! You dumped tea all over us, not to mention our food! At least be nice about it and give us SOME kind of compensation. I wasn't even finished and you took it from me! If I had known you weren't intending on bringing me any more back, I would have stopped you and insisted I eat my sopping wet fries and potatoes. I wasn't even being pushy. At most places, management would freak out if you dumped a drink all over a customer. Now tell me, would you be pissed?

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