horrorxgirl (horrorxgirl) wrote in bad_service,

Just some mild bitching

It's been awhile since I've had really awful service, but I did have some annoying service yesterday. We went to Ruby Tuesdays, my husband got some sort of pasta, my sister and I both got the salad bar and baked potato combo, and sis's bf got just the salad bar. Well, the waitress for some reason wouldn't prebus our table. We had two huge stacks of plates, probably around 8 plates just sitting there. We still hadn't recieved our food after 40 minutes when the waitress came out and said our potatoes would be done soon. Then a couple minutes later she brings the stuff out. Everything is cold. My sister didn't get any sour cream for her potato. But it is obvious that the stuff has been sitting there for a long time, not being prepared, like I had assumed. It wasn't busy and the girl only had one other table. And when we were almost done eating I hear the woman at the other table tell her husband, "Just go up to the front and pay and tell them that she never came back! She's not getting a tip." Apparently the waitress laid their check but never returned.
Then she brings our check out and it's unusually high. We figure out that she charged us for the salad bars and baked potatoes separately instead of charging us for the combo. Well we have it fixed by the manager. The girl was very sweet, so we still left a tip because maybe she was new or something. But it gets so frustrating when you are paying a good bit of money to eat and you don't enjoy it.

Of course she is nowhere near as bad as the waitress we had at ponderosa who couldn't refill more than one drink at a time. She asked if my husband wanted a refill and he said yes, so she picked up his glass, so I asked if I could also be refilled and she held up her finger and said "hold on." Then she walked over to the fountain, refilled my husbands, then returned and picked up my glass and took it back to the fountain and refilled it. Very odd indeed. Also my husband got an all you can eat steak meal, and only ended up getting one piece of steak because she was so slow, we would have been there all night if he had waited for more than that.

Something amusing that I remember about going to McDonalds a couple years back. I ordered an Egg McMuffin. And when I got it there was no egg on it. So I went back to the counter and told the girl, "um there isn't any egg on this." And she replied, "is there supposed to be egg on it?" haha

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