Kaiti (nobody_famous) wrote in bad_service,

I go into Music World on the weekend because they were having a videogame blowout and I could get Tales of Symphonia for $20. I go in, pay for it, and am on the bus home when I open the case and go WTF? There is no disc in the case -there are supposed to be two!T_T- and I have to be home so I can't get off and walk back, but as long as I get it back within a reasonable period of time, all should be well, right?

So I go back the next day, (a Sunday so the store is almost completely empty) and stand at the counter. The two clerks who are on duty are standing near the back listening to the sample music they provide, totally ignoring me. I'm in a bit of a hurry because the buses only run once an hour on Sundays, and I don't want to miss my bus. I wait for about ten minutes (determined not to leave because I want that game) until finally one of them come up to the counter to help me. I show them the empty case, and have the receipt ready just in case. She checks it, and then mutters something along the lines of 'fuck this is annoying' under her breath and goes into the back with my game case. I'm wondering if she's going to get it for me, or just leaving because she doesn't want to deal with me. I wait for another few minutes, starting to get nervous when the other sales associate comes up towards the counter. I figure that he's going to help the people who just came in, but he steps behind the counter and looks at me expectantly. I politely explain that I've already been helped. He shoots me an insanely dirty look and tells me I should have told him before he bothered comming up to try to help me. I'm not sure if I should apologize or what, but I'm the meek type of person who hates confronting people about anything (I was seriously cowering when I had to correct a wrong sushi order) so I apologize and go back to waiting. Another ten minutes later (by now I've lost all hope in catching my bus) the woman finally comes back with a game case, pretty much throws it at me and turns away. I walk out and check the case, jsut to be sure. It's there. And now I'm stuck with just under an hour to kill with nothing to do. I've never had troubles with Music World before. They've always been incredibly helpful and friendly. Did I get them on a bad day, or is this normal?
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