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Remembered suck

I was reminded of this after hearing about a problem with blood donation and pushy spokespeople from one of my coworkers.

This was last spring. I go to college, so I was on my way to class from my dorm. I had to walk past the library and saw a sign strung between two trees that proclaimed that it was blood drive day. That's all nice and good, I'm glad people are donating. I don't donate my blood because I'm anemic and I don't think they can use my blood, and I really hate fainting and needles. So I kept walking, thinking nothing of it.

I wear headphones while I walk around campus, so when I heard someone shouting above my music, I stopped, took them off and looked around. Someone with a Red Cross shirt and badge was waving me over. I sighed and thought "here we go, time for anemia explanations".

The girl told me I should donate blood and I said I could't because I was going to class. She said it was a good cause and my professor would understand why I missed class. I said I have anemia and that my blood iron levels are low. She said it didn't matter. I politely said I didn't want to donate blood, even though it's for a very good cause. Then she said THIS gem:

"Don't be SELFISH! There are people dying out there who need YOUR blood! It's because you're some fucking goth aren't you? You're going to WASTE your blood by CUTTING yourself instead of DONATING it to a worthy cause! You're so SELFISH!!!".

I was stunned into speechlessness. Yes, I am goth but that in no way means I cut myself. I was absolutely shocked that someone would say something like that to another person, especially when that person was working for a charity like the Red Cross. I politely told her to have a nice day, shoved my headphones on and went to class.

What a rabid bitch! Even years later, it still makes me annoyed to think back upon. Did she honestly expect me to give blood after that?

I avoid blood donations like the plague now.
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