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My husband and I drove halfway across the country from where we were staying for summer internships back to the university. Because it was so far, we spent two nights in hotels. Our first night we received some questionable service from the desk worker at the first hotel we stayed at.

It was pretty late (between 11 and 12, I think) and we were really tired so we took an exit off the interstate that had three hotels on the lodging sign. I only recognized one of the hotels as being a chain, so I suggested that we try that first since it might be nicer. We walked in and inquired what rooms that had available. The middle-aged lady working the desk informed us that they only had a smoking room with a double bed. A smoking room is not an option for my husband because being around smoke or a smoke smelling room makes him feel really bad. We politely informed the lady of this, thanked her for her time, and said that we'd try our luck at the other two hotels. She then told us, in a very nasty tone of voice, that we would not be staying at the other hotels. At first I thought she meant that we wouldn't find another vacancy, but I understood that she meant otherwise when she added that we would take a look at those places and realize that we certainly wouldn't stay there and that the next hotel was 60 miles from here so this one room they had was really our only option. Well, my husband would rather drive another 60 miles than spend the night in a room that will make him feel like crap; this room really was not an option. She wasn't just trying to offer us helpful advice, she was trash talking the competition with plenty of venom. We thanked her again for her time and left.

We then checked out one of the other 2 hotels in town. It was old, but it was clean. The rooms smelled fine and it was more than an alright place to stay at. Most importantly, they had nonsmoking rooms. It was also very cheap! We're college student types, so we're pretty easy to please. I guess that lady at the first hotel was wrong.

The kicker was when we drove out the next morning and found tons of hotels at the next few exits. There were 10-20 hotels within the next 20 miles! There certainly were more (MANY more) hotels before the next 60 miles. She didn't just trash talk the other hotels in the area, she flat out lied about the nearest exit with hotels. That's just sucky.

Here's some of the good service we got on our trip:

At one hotel we stopped at, they didn't have a room available for us. The lady working the desk suggested another hotel nearby and even called them up to see if they had a vacancy for us. Since this was at 1 in the morning and we were super tired, we really appreciated that she helped us quickly find another hotel.

One night we made the mistake at looking for a hotel in a tourist town (expensive!). We went into one decent looking hotel to find the price of a room. Upon seeing our faces when we heard the price, the lady offered to lower it since it was so late. My husband explained that it was still more than he got reimbursed for, and she then even lowered it a little further. It was still too much for us so we left, but we appreciated that she tried to accommodate our budget!

And finally, there was a post here recently about a girl in CS who posted about not really giving people their AARP or AAA discounts. I am happy to report that we easily got our AAA discount at one hotel we stayed at and they also have their prices posted so we know they weren't being shady. We got to save $10 and that was good service!

Except for this one sucky lady, all of the other hotel workers we came across were very friendly and helpful!
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