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Yesterday I had a really busy day. Running around getting stuff that my daughter needs for kindergarten,paying bills, shopping for inlaws wedding anniversary ect.
So It's almost 6pm and I just realized how late it was. On the way home I decided to go through the Wendys Drive through to order something for myself and my daughter.
I order, go to the 1st window, pay and drive up to the 2nd window (where you pick up food). As soon as I get to the window a teenager is practically hanging out the window and barks rudely "Pull up next to that car over there and we will bring you your food when it's ready!" She points to the car who's still waiting and slams the window shut.
(I noticed this situation was weird because when someone asks you to pull up, it's usually because it's busy and they always at least gave me my drinks first.. but neither of those is the case this time)
I pull up, and notice the car next to me has turned OFF their car. NOT a good sign. But less than 30 seconds later their food comes out.
So I'm waiting, getting frustrated, no other cars go through the drive through and no customers have walked in. It's now been 6 minutes
I turn off my car, and keep debating in my head as to weather or not I'm gonna park the car, go in and demand my money back and get food somewhere else.
Now a caravan with 4 people pull up and a car is now behind it. they both pay, get their food/drinks and go.

I am NOW officially pissed, but decided to wait a couple more minutes because I didn't want to drag my daughter out of the car who was now sleeping.
4 more minutes go by and the same girl who told me to pull up comes stomping out with our food, comes up to me and just stairs at me. I reach out to grab my chicken sandwich/fries,and soda and my childs chicken nugget meal and chocolate milk. She basically shoves the stuff off to me as fast as she can get it out of her hands and continues to eyeball me like I'm bothering her with my presence.
Awkward after I say thanks in a low tone and drive away.
Not once did she say a word when she came out.. No "sorry for the wait" "have a nice day" nothing.

They forgot to add straws, the fries were soggy and my sandwich was barley warm.
I may think into it too much, but I just keep thinking that she let the food sit there until she was good and ready to bring it out vs bringing it out when it was ready. How else would 2 cars who came many minutes after me get their food with no wait time and leave before me?

I've called the place 3 times since and they keep telling me there IS no manager available to speak to, which I think is bullshit. So I've yet to let Mr. or MS. Manager that I waited 10 minutes in my car for food for 2 people, while after the 1st 6 minutes 2 cars came and left with their food with no waiting time. and that the teenage girl I dealt with was incredibly rude.

I told my husband as well. We will NOT be going back to this place again. I'd write a Wendys corporate office but I think the Wendys stores are individually owned. I'm not positive. Too bad though because I prefer Wendys over Mcdonalds/Burgerking.

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