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i'm gonna kill the post office again

i was expecting a birthday package from an LJ friend. she posted to her LJ saying it had been shipped on Saturday August 5th. she's in Edmonton, i'm in southern California. normally between Canada Post and the craptastic USPS, it normally gets here within 7-10 business days. so i usually approximate two weeks, counting weekends when they don't move anything.

i started wondering at the end of last week why it hadn't arrived yet. i always keep an eye on the mailbox in case it's small enough to fit in there and also on the porch, since i do NOT want stuff left on the porch due to the thieving brats around here. also it's apparently illegal--they are supposed to place it in your hands or leave a notice.

i was prepared to call them yesterday but then a note appeared in my box. stamped "second notice" and the box marked "final notice" checked.

i never GOT a first notice!

i called before going to pick up the box to complain and the postmaster claims he will talk to the carrier, but we'll see. this is the same asshole that persisted in leaving expensive items on the porch after i told him PERSONALLY not to. and the same system that keeps losing half my bills so i keep having to pay late fees every other month because they can't be bothered to deliver my mail properly.

is there anything i can do to get a new carrier put on my route? the current one is a pain in my ass and has been ever since i moved to this neighborhood four and a half years ago. the postmaster here doesn't seem to be able to do much, because the behavior stops for a few months, then starts up again. i don't want the current carrier possibly taking revenge on my mail because he can't do his job correctly.
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