Pony (__roflcopter) wrote in bad_service,

Dear Petland.

When I hand you my debit card, and you have to type in the machine the amount number, for future reference, 1 and 7 are two different numbers. And being how the numbers are in a "telephone" formation, how the hell you screwed that one up, I dont know. I do know though that instead of 11.92, you charged me 77.92. And even worse, your the manager. I'm SO SORRY i interrupted you from reading your guys health magazine. But seriously? You either need to call more people or repeat kindergarten.

And to the girl who I spoke to when I went in today to try to clear this up, I was nice as pie to you even though I wanted to bite your companys head off. I work in retail also and people make mistakes. But that attitude? Yeah, didn't help the situation. Also telling me it will be refunded to my card that night and well, it WASN'T? Im not a happy camper. If I go in tomorrow and I'm told "oh, we forgot!", your DSM is getting a call. Also getting a call about how horrible the store is now and that you keep on display emaciated ferrets*. I used to work at that store myself. We took pride in it. I feel terrible for the animals that after we left, a bunch of druggie teens took it over who hate the smell of animals and hate their jobs. Go back to flipping burgers or whatever.

Absolutly no love,

a very, very annoyed customer.

**as a reference! Ive made many many many complaints about the conditions of the store how it is now. People keep getting fired and they sadly hire anyone now -_-

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