usagi (usagiweaver) wrote in bad_service,

Thanks... for nothing

I went to Sonic tonight to pick up some dinner. Placed my order. Paid for my order. No, I did not check my order because up until now, I have never had a problem with this establishment. Went home... no popcorn chicken.

I eat my chili cheese tots 'cause they are icky if you let them get cold, get in my car and drive back. I glance at my reciept before heading over and see a notation at the bottom with the popcorn chicken meal discount. So I figure hey, it's on my reciept so they must have heard me order it.

I pull into the same space I ordered from and tell them that my chicken had been missing from my order. They say they're sorry and it will be right out. I wait.

It comes out... and the waitperson asks me for $3 and change! That they'd checked the reciept and I wasn't charged for it. I showed her my reciept and she points out that yes, it said the bit about the popcorn chicken combo but that the chicken itself wasn't added on.

I gave her the money because my kid needed to eat, but I was pissed.

FIRST OFF, they screw up my order by not putting my item on it, which causes me to have to drive back. THEN they charge me for something they should have had on my order in the first place. Personally, I think they should have eaten the cost and given it to me for their mistake and my hassle. If not for anything but the customer goodwill. But I didn't say anything about it and left. Needless to say, it will be a while before I go back there.

And all you haters who feel the need to ream me because I think it would have been nice for them to give me the chicken even though I hadn't paid for it. Just keep it to yourself. I'm venting here.
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