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NEVER EVER get a JC Penneys' card if you have a military ID.

And if they goofed up on your order, you'll have to deal with retarded monkeys at billings that refuse to correct it no matter how often you asked about it.

Okay, I wanted to get my first credit card, so I stopped by JC Penneys to get it. Well, the girl took my Military Dependents ID (Which is a VALID form of ID despite what billings later stated), typed down my MOTHER'S SSN, and when I corrected her, she did more typing, and claimed it's corrected.

She either messed up, or she lied to me, because when I went to sign up for online payments, I couldn't get it to accept my info, and having a sneaking suspicion, I called up Customer Service, who confirmed they still have my mother's SSN on it.

So, I followed instructions given to me to mail a letter + proof of my SSN & Mother's SSN to one Billing place, who then send me a letter telling me to send a copy of my SSN and 'State ID' (I only had Military, but it is an ID Card, and LEGAL VALID form of it), so I send that.

I just got a letter today, only difference is telling me to send the stuff to YET ANOTHER PLACE. Oh, also, one little line that implied my ID (which isn't expired, which is issued by the US Air Force, which I used in previous documentation WITH NO PROBLEMS), is 'not a valid id'.

WHAT THE FUCK? The letter said the exact same thing as the last one, except for the address to send the third letter to.

I'm not here to play Information Hot Potato, I'm just going to pay off the rest of the card, and cancel this stupid little sucker.
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