Shanon (melacynthe) wrote in bad_service,

Not sure if this is bad service or just WTF DIEDIEDIE

So I work graveyards, I get home at around 7am.
I'd fallen asleep on the couch when at 9am the doorbell gets rang
six times
Here, I'm thinking the house next door is on fire or something and someone's desperate to get in, right?

No, some hispanic guy is standing outside the door when I finally manage to understand teh scary noise means i have to do something ot make it go away
The second I open teh door the guy asks me if I speak spanish. I tell him now.
He proceeds to speak in very rapid spanish at me, then gives me an expectant look
I stare at him blankly
He looks annoyed and lets go another stream of gibberish
(what part of I don't speak it means please babble at my poor sleep befuddled self?)
he then switches into broken english..
and RANTS at me for not speaking spanish

I'm sorry, what part of you leaning on the bell like you had a right to wake me up somehow magically taught me spanish so that I would understand whateverthefuck you were saying at me?

He called over another guy to translate. The other guy didn't speak much english either... Enough to convey the vague idea that they wanted to be hired to do something to the yard
I told them the landlord deals with that, not us. The second guy smiled and nodded and went away

the first guy? went away muttering loud enough for me to hear him swearing about me...
Yes, I do know THOSE words, you dumb fuck.

In conclusion. If you are going to go door to door in the neighborhood ringing doorbells like your ass is on fire
have the decency to speak fucking english, or not be rude to me about not speaking your language
Hell, just have a flyer of some sort that is written in english, hand it to me, I'll look at it and say no not interested...
You'd have saved us both some frustration.

Seriously, this is a somewhat upscale neighborhood, all the neighbors I've seen are middle/upper-middle class white folk and a few well-to-do looking african americans...
what part of that makes it look like someplace you'd send the non-english speaking guy ringing doorbells for?
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