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Oh Time Warner Cable, I'm so unhappy with you.

I have my cable tv and my internet through Time Warner. The internet's been acting up a bit but I didn't think too much of it. Last week it started going out for days at a time and since we're paying a lot for it my fiance called, they told him exactly what was wrong, and set up an appointment for today. Now they told us that someone would show up at some point today but they didn't give us anything more substantial than that. Still no big deal.

My fiance was going to take care of it all since he was the one who talked to the representative originally and the account is in his name. He works from 5 pm to 1 am, Time Warner is supposed to be by before 5, so it all works out. At quarter to 5, he had to start getting ready to go and we hadn't heard anything from the repair guy. I called Time Warner and was put on hold. Still no big deal, they're late but it's okay. Ryan went to work, I got a hold of a customer service representative, and it went something like this.

Me: Hi, I called for someone to come look at my internet today?
CSR 1: You have the afternoon time slot from 1 to 5, the guy has until 5.
Me: It's 4:55. You want me to call back in 5 minutes and sit on hold again?
CSR 1: No, I'll call dispatch.
*Rather long hold time*
CSR 1: Okay our computers just went down but dispatch says that the technician will be there at 5:15. Since he's late, we'll be crediting your account $20 to make up for it.
Me: Thanks so much, goodbye.

He was pretty polite so I had no problem with him. I settled down to wait for the repair guy. No one showed up. At 6:30, I called Time Warner back.

Me: Hi, I called to have someone look at my internet today? They were supposed to be here at 5:15 but they're late...
CSR 2: The computers are down, I can't pull up your account.
Me: Alright...but could you call dispatch and find out where my repair man is?
CSR 2: The computers are down.
Me: This really isn't acceptable. Can't you *cut off*
CSR 2: The computers are down. I can't do anything.
Me: I understand that, but *cut off*
CSR 2: The computers are down. I can't do anything. Call back in a few hours, they might be up then.
Me: Fine. Goodbye.

She was rude, cut me off, and was pretty useless, but fine the computers are down. I get it. The computer problems happened after my repair guy was already late though, it's not an excuse. Plus they called dispatch earlier when the computers were down. My fiance called to find out if the internet was taken care of yet and I told him it wasn't. I promised to call back at 8 and try again. 8 came and went, no repair man, so I called Time Warner for a third time.

Me: Hi, I've called three times now to try and find out where my repair man is. He was supposed to be here by 5.
CSR 3: He'll be there soon.
Me: When?
CSR 3: I'll call dispatch.
CSR 3: The ETA is 8:30
Me: This really isn't acceptable. He's 3 and 1/2 hours late.
CSR 3: They have until 7 to get there.
Me: What? Since when? The first guy I talked to said they had until 5.
CSR 3: Whoever you talked to must have been misinformed.
Me: I don't care. Even if it really is 7, he's an hour and a half late. I can't wait here all night.
CSR 3: You can leave if you need to. If he shows up and you're not there you can reschedule.
Me: No. I want someone here tonight. My appointment is for today.
CSR 3: I can't do anything.
Me: Can I talk to a supervisor?
CSR 3: No. They're all busy. But I can have one call you back.
Me: When?!
CSR 3: They have 24 hours to call you back.
Me: Absolutely not. Why can't I talk to one now?
CSR 3: They're all on the phone with customers.
Me: I'll wait.
CSR 3: Fine, hold on a minute.
*Waits longer than a minute*
CSR 3: Her computer is down, she won't talk to you because there's nothing she can do.
Me: *yells*
CSR 3: You can call back when the computers come back. It should be 9:30.
Me: You want me to call you back a fourth time when the computers come back?
CSR 3: Yes.
Me: No. I've called you too many times. You can have your supervisor call me back when the computers come back.
CSR 3: Fine *takes my number* Goodbye.

I called my fiance again and told him what was going on now. He was upset too and told me that if there were any other good high speed/cable providers around we'd be switching. I don't really care who the provider is, I'm just upset at this point. I sat down and watched tv and waited to see if anyone would call or show up. Nothing. I was a pretty bad customer to the third customer service representative and I shouldn't have yelled, but their service just sucked today. At 9:30, I decided to try one more time to find out where my repair man was, although I had a hunch I already knew.

Me: A repair man was supposed to be here between 1 and 5. I called and was told 5:15. I called back and was told 8:30. It's now 9:30 and no one's been here and I want to know why.
CSR 4: I'll call dispatch.
*Really long hold, again*
CSR 4: I'm sorry ma'am, the technicians have gone home for the night.
Me: Excuse me?
CSR 4: Yes, I'm sorry, I'll have the head technician call you to reschedule.
Me: When will he call?
CSR 4: Some time tomorrow.
Me: No. Absolutely no. This is going to be taken care of tonight. My appointment was today, I've called 4 times, I haven't been allowed to talk to a supervisor, I've been given 3 different times that someone would be here. I've been put on hold, unable to get through to your call center, brushed off, and my problem still hasn't been fixed. I want to talk to your boss. Right now.
CSR 4: I'll get someone for you ma'am, please hold on.
*Holds, calms down*
Ashley, the only helpful person at Time Warner Cable: Hello ma'am, I hear we missed our service time? I'm sorry.
Me: Actually, according to your customer service representatives, you've missed 3 times today.
Ashley: *small gasp* What?
Me: *Briefly recounts the first 3 phone calls, then gets to CSR3* Then she told me the technicians had until 7 to get there.
Ashley: What? That's not true at all! They have until 5. They go HOME at 7.
Me: That's what the first person told me, but she insisted they had until 7 and would be here at 8:30.
Ashley: Clearly she was the misinformed one. Go on.
Me: Then she told me I couldn't speak to a supervisor and one would call me back in 24 hours.
Ashley: Huh?!
Me: *Finishes the story*
Ashley: Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry this all happened to you. This should NOT have happened. I'll obviously be honouring the missed service credit, which will be a $20 credit to your bill. If I could offer you more, I would.

She then went on to tell me that she had to talk to my technician's supervisor to tell him that he never showed up and about 6 other people. She then told me she'd inform everyone, find someone working tomorrow to call me back and reschedule my appointment, and promised to call me back. And then she DID! She gave me her phone number and promised to call me back on Wednesday when she works again to make sure that someone calls me tomorrow and gives me a reasonable appointment time. She seemed genuinely sorry that everything had happened to me. I thanked her profusely because nothing else could be done at that point and I appologized for being such a bad customer and yelling.

So the third customer service rep I talked to was completely full of it and the technician who was supposed to be here never showed. The only good part of the whole Time Warner experience was Ashley who was fantastic. She is good_service.

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