melfice (melfice) wrote in bad_service,

Wendy's weirdness.

I went into Wendy's a couple of weeks ago, after seeing a commercial for their Frescata sandwiches and thinking they looked pretty tasty. So I go in, order it to go, and all is well. The girl tells me my total, I hand her my card, and she squeals. She starts cooing
at the puppy that's on my credit card (I admit it's cute, that's why I picked it out, but...o.O) and then *runs off* into the back kitchen-y area with it.

....So I'm standing here, sans credit card or food. I can see her from where I'm standing, cooing and showing it to *every* worker in the building.

Finally she comes back out, hands it back to me and gives me my food without a word. The sandwich was tasty, but...please do not run off with my credit card o.O
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