mrs_kier (mrs_kier) wrote in bad_service,

R & L Heating and Cooling

A couple months ago we noticed that our furnace (heating and cooling unit) was leaking water and in turn soaking the carpet in the basement. We called to have someone come out the next day and fix the problem. The service guy came and he said a line was plugged and he spent some time cleaning that out and then replaced a filter. Everything was fine. We paid the service fee and for 45 minutes of work. (they charge per 15 minutes, it was around $200)

Three weeks later the carpet was soaked in the basement again. We don't go in our basement very often so it could have been this way for a while. It was a saturday and we called and a different man came out and again "fixed" things and went on his way. We did not pay him as it was said to be a "call back" from the first call.

This past saturday, went downstairs, again the carpet is soaked. Called R & L and they said they would have the original tech call us back. He called and told us that we would have to pay him overtime for him to come out and do anything. We didn't understand why we would have to pay overtime now when someone came last week and we paid nothing. We let it go.

This morning I get a phone call from a woman whom I'm not sure what her position is in the company. She basically says that we will have to pay them again for labor to come fix the problem. It seems absolutly ridiculous that we should continuously pay them to "fix" the problem when they didn't do it the first time. What kind of company does not stand behind the work they've done? She did offer what another cause may be and say that we would have thought it was too much work the first time and they were over charging us by doing it. My theory is I would have rather had them fix it right the first time, pay a little more and not have my carpeting ruined.

I may just be overly cranky because she woke me up but I'm really mad about it.
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