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When the help desk isn't ...

My office recently moved from Building A to Building B. We've been there for about a month now, and everything was hunky dory until this morning.

I turn on my computer and discover that I can't access Outlook. There are about 2 dozen of us in the same situation. It turns out that when we moved, the computer people left us on the server at Building A, which is presently without power. So, like good little employees, we follow standard proceedure and call the Help Desk to inform them of the problem.

Now, here's the bad service. Recently, the Powers-That-Be decided to make the Help Desk more effient by removing the phone operators and putting in a 24-hour message service. So we call and get the following message:

"You have been forwarded to an automatic voice message system. The mailbox for Help Desk is full. Please email Help Desk for any assistance required."

I'm less than pleased.
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