jennet (jennet) wrote in bad_service,

This little gem reminded me of some of my own experienced bad service.

In my skinnier days I really liked to shop at dress barn for my dressy clothes. I was in my late teens, but due to a lot of circumstances I had a lot of instances where I had to dress professionally (work, church, etc). So they got a decent amount of business from me. I usually went with my mom/aunt/grandmother/cousin because I'm a terrible judge of style myself. 90% of the time I was the one paying, though.

At Dress Barn the way things work is you walk in, and a sales associate greets you, talks to you for a few minutes, and after you've shopped for a few minutes they offer to "start a dressing room" for you. Typical good saleswomanship.

So one day I'm on my way to the gym. It's the summer, so I'm in a tshirt and a pair of workout shorts with tennis shoes, and my hair is back in a ponytail. Not the most glamorous, but presentable. I realize I need something nice to wear to church the next week and decide to swing by Dress Barn on my way to the gym. I stopped at one I hadn't been to before, thinking there wouldn't be a problem.

I was wrong. They didn't bother greeting me, even though there were 3 sales associates on the floor and only one other customer. I didn't really think too much of it. I started looking through dresses and picked a few out. I probably had 3 or 4 to try on. So I decide to go look at skirt/top combos and lug my dresses over to that section. Usually by now they've scooped up the merchandise that I've picked out and started a room, but this time the only thing I've gotten are a few glances from the workers. STILL haven't been greeted.

By this point, I'm a little irritated. No, I do not look like I shop here all that often at this particular moment, but I had the potential of dropping a little cash here and I was completely ignored. I spent a little bit more time browsing just to see if ANYONE would talk to me. But noooo. They helped the little old lady on the other side of the room, but I was off limits. I finally decided to try on the stuff I had picked up. So I go up to the front register and the gal there asks me what I need. I told her I'd like to try these clothes on and she said sure, no problem.

Now, keep in mind there is only one other customer. The dressing rooms (4 or 5 of them) are located about halfway through the store, these really nice big rooms with doors and hooks and all are really convenient.

I start to head over to those dressing rooms before I realize she's leading me to the back of the store. Confused, I follow her.

She takes me to the back area, we wade through a few stacks of boxes to some back dressing rooms... obviously never used. Here ya go! She tells me, and then turns on her heels and is gone.

I was like... in shock. Seriously, without a doubt, never have been more horrified. There were plenty of dressing rooms out front and they shove me into a corner. I was absolutely mortified. I left without buying anything and haven't been back since. I told my grandmother (who normally went with me) and she was pretty livid herself.

Looks can be deceiving, ya know. ALL they would have had to do was treat me with at least a LITTLE bit of respect and I would have been more than happy to spend my hard earned cash there. But no!

So yeah. I didn't say anything at the time, because I was only 18 and didn't really know better...but after going through that, I have few qualms bringing up an issue like that.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest :D

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